Earlier this month, Atlanta’s Londrelle Hall accompanied by Ray Mills began a 554 mile run to Ferguson, MO from Atlanta, GA. Passing through variable weather conditions from sun, rain and snow –the running duo conquered through about 19 counties, 20 cities and 5 states on their journey of over 500 miles, just in time for the Grand Jury decision set to be announced Monday. Their efforts, simply and powerfully titled, #RunForJustice, endeavors to raise awareness for racial injustice and police brutality in America. Inspired by the legacy of Michael Brown, the 2 friends wanted to show their dedication to his memory, as well as ignite others with a passion for social change and justice in America.

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Both Hall, 28 and Mills, 29; admit that they are not “runners”, but the Michael Brown incident charged their journey with a special purpose.


“I had a reason to run, not to run from my problems, but to run towards a problem and run for the problems of the world and the problems of America and what’s going on now.” Said, Hall to NBC news. “Statistically, it seems like in our community we [black men] are incarcerated or doing nothing. We want to go against the grain and not be another statistic, and we wanted to inspire other people to do the same.” Mills said. Hall agreed, adding, “We want to show that people who look like us can be doing something positive.”

Hall and Mills are now safely in Ferguson, MO where they were met with open arms from supporters and volunteers following their journey. The duo will continue to stand in solidarity with other peaceful protesters and demonstrators in support of Michael Brown. Learn more about their journey at RunForJustice.org.


 -Chuniq / LoveINpower