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After broadcasting live from Ferguson, MI shortly after the violence erupted due to Darren Wilson not being indicted for the killing of unarmed Michael Brown.  To add more insult to injury, it seems that despite CNN’s mission to create the finest possible news product and to present hard-breaking, national, and international news, as it unfolds they’ve still managed to go viral in ways unrelated.

As if his comments on how to not be raped didn’t slow Don Lemon down, when it came time to speak with fellow CNN member Van Jones about the previous night’s protestors, Lemon was classic Lemon. In an effort to depict the protestors the best way that he saw fit, Lemon explained, “In my estimation there’s been too much political correctness, trying to appease protesters. I don’t mean appease the people out there peacefully. There was nothing peaceful about last night.”


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Much to Jones’ dismay, when it came time for his opinion on the night, he began — despite Lemon continuously cutting him off — saying that “the vast majority of demonstrators were peaceful, and only a few ‘knuckleheads’ were causing the problems.” Jones then said, “I can’t let this stand,” regarding Lemons portrayal of local protestors. “This is an insult to the people out there last night…It was an insult to the people of Ferguson, who have done more than 100 trainings for nonviolence.”

For some reason, it seemed that Don Lemon just couldn’t agree to disagree. Even if it was to save face on another colleague’s show; New Day host Chris Cuomo. 

Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)

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