The Dr. Zoe Today Show, a cutting-edge, universal program that holds a diverse fan base was slated to host, bassist Toddiefunk, member of the Grammy award winning group, tobyMac on its show Wednesday evening.

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Funk, who has been sought after by music greats Lenny Kravitz and Prince, has a remarkable story of overcoming sexual addiction and intended to share that on the show. According to Dr. Zoe Today Show producer Laurin Catherine, the bassist will not appear after his representation, True Artist Management advised him not to because they felt that Toddie should not be involved in such controversial topics. “Here’s a Christian man trying to share his testimony in a public forum for the first time to bring a positive message to masses yet he’s kept in bondage by believers,” Catherine told The Source by phone.

“Talk about bigotry and hypocrisy rolled up in one. WWJD? You tell me. Christians who want to keep these issues hidden in their closets are just causing them to multiply by avoiding them. There are people sitting in the pews of their churches who desperately need these topics addressed. At least Dr. Zoe is one person who has the balls and was willing to provide the platform.”


Dr. Zoe was not available for comment and calls to True Artist Management were not immediately returned.

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