This weeks Hood Health 101 deals with the importance of being honest with yourself and where you would like to be.

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“The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.” ― Laura Ingalls Wilder


What stands in the way of your ability to be productive, are the lies that you tell to yourself. I know, you’re probably like huh. The truth of the matter my friends, is that we cannot get to where we want to be by trying to please others or by not listening to our personal truths. I know that this seems elementary, but many of us still do this as adults. We try to force ourselves to be happy, force ourselves to perform tasks in certain ways and then, wonder why we’re not successful. The answer is, because we lie to ourselves.  We convince ourselves that we cannot achieve certain goals or simply accept mediocrity in our choices and life goals. The problem is that lying keeps you from acknowledging what truly needs to be done and recognizing the actions that need to be taken to get things done. Now, while there are a million instances of how and why we lie to ourselves, we almost always see it affect our jobs, health, and relationships. Think about it…..

1.       The moment you should have realized that it’s not about the money.

The worst feeling in the world is being stuck in a dead end job or one that does not make you happy. I understand that you many feel as though happiness is not as important as paying your mortgage. Let me say though, the stress, along with other physical and psychological conditions that unhappiness in a job can cause, costs the U.S. roughly 300 billion within the U.S. alone according to Gallup. The APA states that an unhealthy workplace can increase depression and heart disease rates. To assist with this issue, the APA has even created and annual award to honor businesses that provide psychologically healthy workplaces. If you put a dollar ahead of your health and happiness, you will in time find yourself spending that very same money to acquire the health and happiness that you long for.

2.       The moment that you should have realized that it takes proper planning.

We all have these resolutions of health and weight loss as the New Year approaches. We think that this time will be different and that we will meet THIS goal with success. The problem is that most of us do not take the time to research healthy eating habits, develop an exercise plan, and garner support before embarking on such a task. We just blindly jump in without a plan and tell ourselves that it will be as easy as pie to achieve.  New York Times writes that 4 out of 5 individuals that make resolutions fail to keep them.  One of the keys to success in any endeavor is proper planning. Without it we are directionless and at the mercy of various situations and circumstances. We then become susceptible to being easily swayed. The value is in the plan. It enables a person to be firmly rooted on a particular path, regardless of what comes up.

3.       The moment you should have realized that reciprocity is essential.

Many of our relationships lack reciprocity. The problem is that we make excuses about why it is alright to be treated in such a way. One sided relationships can have other side effects that you may not realize. The Journal of Psychosomatic Research published an article that contended that relationships that lack reciprocity are associated with poorer health. Proceedings B published an article of an experiment that contends that upstream reciprocity significantly enhances the level of selflessness within a population. The main point is that reciprocity creates happiness and fulfillment within relationships and can also increase gratitude levels. Ultimately, relationships with reciprocity can make you happier and healthier.

If I decided to write about every lie that I or anyone else ever told themselves, I would be writing forever. The point is that honesty about our desires, capabilities, knowledge, and relationships will always ensure that we are productively and proactively achieving our goals. Without honesty, much of what we try to do will fail because lying handicaps our ability to research, plan, and execute that plan thoroughly. If things fail remember the biggest lie that we tell ourselves, is that we cannot start over again. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @NakeashaJ and on Instagram @Melanated_Beauty.