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At the end of the day, the Obama girls are just over it

On Wednesday, Barack Obama wished the country an early Happy Thanksgiving during the annual Turkey Pardon ceremony, which featured him pardoning two turkeys, aptly named “Mac” and “Cheese,” from being feasted upon the following day. He brought along his two teenag daughters, Sasha and Malia, for the short ceremony, and they were clearly not there for it.


As soon as the above video starts, when the POTUS wishes everyone a “Happy early Thanksgiving” on behalf of his daughters, Malia folds her arms in one fluid, deliberate motion, and Sasha appears to be holding in a similarly awesome display of contempt with all her might. Their gestures for the rest of their dad’s light-hearted speech weren’t in full view of the camera angle, but eventually, Dad asked his daughters if they wanted to pet one of the pardoned turkeys, and Malia’s quick response was a well-thought out and polite denial, considering she was in full view of millions of Americans.