New Orleans rapper Trademark Da Skydiver returns as the “Super Villain” once again. In the midst of The Smokers Club Tour with Redman and Method Man which he was wrapping up as he talked to The Source magazine about his masterful return and what the future holds for the emcee.

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THE SOURCE: Let’s talk about your The Return of The Super Villain, are you excited about putting the album out?
Trademark Da Skydiver: Absolutely. Put a lot of work and thought into it. It’s my baby, of course I’m excited about it.

THE SOURCE: You have been on the smokers club tour which you are rapping up today? How’s that treating you?
T: It’s good. Experienced a lot of new things, made a lot of new friends. It’s been a good month.


THE SOURCE: Lets talk about your personas, Super Villain, Flamingo Barnes and now the return of the Super Villain. Is Flamingo Barnes making a return too maybe sometime in the future?
T: Of course. What I’m trying to establish with that is that I have different personas and as an artist they are fully expressed.

THE SOURCE: Do you always think about exploring different personas? Why are they so important to you?
T: It’s really the emotions and the feeling I have at the time. When I feel a certain way that’s Flamingo Barnes expressing himself, you know what I’m saying?

THE SOURCE: Which cut is your favourite from The Return of the Super Villain?
T: I would have to say “The Realest”.

THE SOURCE: How come that’s your favourite?
T: Just because I really capture the emotion and sound that I was trying to capture, it came out better than I expected. That’s my favourite cut, everybody will feel differently.

THE SOURCE: Your fans are really looking forward to your return. What can they expect from this album?
T: They can expect that “super villain” sound that they’ve come to know and love but with more polish and better execution.

THE SOURCE: You already released “Keep it 100” which was your introduction to the album. Do you plan on dropping another single before your album comes out?
T: We’re planning on dropping another one. But we might drop a video depending on when it gets done instead of dropping a new song. So this week we’ll see. We might just give them visuals along with the song.

THE SOURCE: What inspires you to still make music?
T: Well, I just had a son and he’s seven months old. He is a believer that I’m still the God. It’s a situation where I have to complete something that I start. and even if it means failure, I still have to get to that point and be able to say I did it, I fully did it and I succeeded… or failed. I have the greatest fans at the same time so that’s a blessing, I always want to keep giving them new music, regularly.

THE SOURCE: What’s the hip-hop scene in New Orleans like these days?
T: I’ve been in Atlanta a lot so I haven’t had time to really do anything but be in the studio everyday for two months completing “The Return of The Super Villain” and my personal time with family. Once the music is out, I’ll go out there and explore a bit more. There’s people making waves though, the future is bright in New Orleans.

THE SOURCE: If I was to turn on your iPod right now what would I find?
T: Everything from Anita Baker, Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, I listen to everything. Depends on how I’m feeling that day. But usually it’s in the ballpark of what I mentioned earlier.

THE SOURCE: It’s NBA season still. Which team are you most excited about seeing in the playoffs?
T: I don’t pay attention until it’s playoffs time to be honest. But on a more realer note, I’m a pig-skin dude and more specifically, I live and die by the Saints.

THE SOURCE: 5 goals in 2015:
T: First off, to have a better year than 2014. I wanna put out twice as much music as last year. Double my income (laughs). Everything positive, no problems. Continue to live in peace. I want to wake up every morning happy, the way I am now, to keep that ball rolling.

THE SOURCE: Other than this project do you have any side projects that you are working on as we speak?
T: Yea, I’m working on a project with Static Selektah, Smoke DZA and myself, something we’ll be working on during the holidays and have it ready for 2015.

If you missed it check out Trademark’s recent cut “The Return” below, which is off his project “Return of The Super Villain” set to release tomorrow.

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