The BrBa spinoff is picking up stream

Shortly after Breaking Bad, often hailed as the greatest TV show of all-time, went off the air, a spin-off series–Better Call Saul–was announced. Better Call Saul would serve as a BrBa prequel, and would showcase the life and times of Saul Goodman, the crooked lawyer with semi-pure intentions that helped Walter White and Jesse Pinkman build a masterful crystal meth drug enterprise. However, Better Call Saul is set six years before Saul Goodman even heard of a Walter White, or had to launder a ridiculous amount of money through a car wash business to help keep the feds eyes off White and his business.

Several 30-second teasers have been released, but last night during the Walking Dead mid-season finale, AMC aired a full teaser of what’s to come in February, with the help of Mike Ehrmantraut, a pivotal and beloved Breaking Bad alumnus. Saul is in peak form in the trailer, stumbling about trying to elude a steadfast and annoyed Ehrmantraut, who plays a parking lot clerk in this clip.

Better Call Saul will debut in a two-part, two-night TV event beginning February 8th, 2015.