The competition is heating up this holiday season.

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The BlackBerry brand has been in steady decline over the past several years with the advent of the newer model iPhones. The two phone companies were neck and neck until Apple took a significant share of the consumer market and never looked back. BlackBerry is attempting a comeback with their latest phone, The Passport.


In an aggressive attempt to re-establish their positioning in the marketplace, the brand is now offering iPhone users cash to trade in their phones in exchange for a black Blackberry Passport. The company is paying up to $400 for trade-ins of iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S and 6 models. To further spice things up, they are offering an additional $150 on top of what your current phone is valued at.

As with everything, there is a catch. Blackberry expects consumers to then a make a purchase of their new Passport phone, which is valued at $599. With the trade in of a previous iPhone device, an additional $150, as well as $100 rebate on the BlackBerry Passort, your grand total equals out to $50. Its the holiday season and companies are trying everything to get the upper hand. Can’t blame them.

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