That awkward moment when Tha Carter V seems even further away than ever

Since as long as anyone can remember it’s been Lil Wayne and Cash Money, Cash Money and Lil Wayne; hit after hit, summer after summer. The two pretty much went hand in hand. Today, that could possibly be coming to an end. Via Twitter, of course Wayne basically disowned the label and his father, Birdman *inserts shocked emoji here.* It seems as though Tha Carter V probably won’t be happening. Check out Wayne’s string of tweets below and read Pusha T’s quite, hilarious but dead on response to the entire situation.




Pusha T tweeted this after seeing Wayne’s Tweets, quoting “Exodus 23:1” which questions Wayne’s contract with Cash Money. He has since deleted the other tweet inviting Wayne to G.O.O.D. music.

Well then…