As we are approaching the end of the year BSM Frenchie didn’t hesitate to grant fans with all the hard work he has put in recently. After his latest EP Fuckk Fame was released, it was followed by a collaborative single “Aint Going Nowhere” featuring BOB and Chanel West Coast. Though you may familiarize him as an original member of Brick Squad, Frenchie makes it clear he holds his own in the industry as we were introduced to his newly launched label entitled Protekted Records.We also chatted a bit about other topics like the incarceration of Gucci Mane, and how he feels about the upcoming artist from the east coast but most importantly he filled us in with what should be our expectations for him, as well as the expectations he has for himself. Read below.

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How was it working with Chanel West Coast and B.O.B?

It was very beautiful. The chemistry was nice. Everything came together. Chanel has her own fan base, as well as me, and so does BOB. It opened up new doors for me being able to expand my music throughout all of our fan bases.

Do you look forward to working with them in the future?


For sure, yeah. When you work hard you get what you want and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m working hard. I’m number 46 on the media based charts in the world right now.

What progression do you feel like you have made within your music over the years, what can fans expect in 2015?

You will see more of Frenchie. I will be all over your TV screen. Every month ill probably have a different video on MTV Jams. For my loyal fans that have been down with me since day one, I will continue to give them everything they ask for.

What will your new record label Protekted Records bring to the industry that’s not already there?

Love, Peace and happiness. We’re going to have fun, You only live once so I advise people to stop being so uptight. We’re going to bring a lot of energy, although you can get any ol’ energy from anywhere. We are going to bring more positive energy to the game.

Lately the east coast has been on the rise. How do you feel about the new up and coming rappers being that you represent Queens, NY?

I don’t have a problem with them at all. Every time I see another one of my brothers make it. It makes me feel good, even if they come out doing some foolishness. I still feel good because at least their able to feed their family.

Do you feel as though the East Coast will continue to rise and progress in towards the new year?

Yes, 2015 is going to be a good year for us. It’s going to be a good year for anyone who’s willing to make beautiful music.

 How did you deal with the recent incarceration of Gucci mane?

As that being my brother, it really hurts to see him go in and out jail. But, it could have been worst. At least he’s alive and he’s breathing. He is also still given the opportunity to make music, which is wonderful.

“You can find me on twitter and instagram @FrenchieBSM . R.I.P Slim Dunkin and K.O Red #SQUADDDD!”



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