DJI, the world’s leader in drone-camera technology, revealed their newest innovation and it sure packs a punch.

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The Inspire 1 is a $2,800 powerhouse with a plethora of incredible features including 4K video from up to a mile away, an unobstructed 360° view, and a camera capable of 12 megapixel shots. It also has a vision positioning system and is extremely easy to use. At the Inspire 1’s launch event on San Francisco’s Treasure Island, everyone in attendance was able to take a shot at operating some of DJI’s older models such as the Phantom which was released two years ago.



The Inspire 1 was unveiled shortly after the event’s opening by the company’s Director of Aerial Imaging, Eric Cheng. The Inspire 1 seeks to build upon the uses of DJI’s older models such as generating complex maps for real estate, archaeology, and agriculture, among others. UCLA and Stanford’s sports teams also use DJI’s current products for a myriad of purposes. DJI’s newest camera uses Pix4D’s software for converting images into 2D maps in addition to 3D models.


Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, the stars of Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters,” also made a surprise attendance to test out the Inspire 1 for themselves. After an initial test run, DJI presented them with a complimentary Inspire 1 for them to use both for the show as well as at home.

-Jagpal Khahera

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