Rose joins in acknowledging Eric Garner prior to tonight’s game

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Yesterday, LeBron James spoke briefly on athletes getting more involved in speaking out and representing some of the important issues facing our country, especially the young people of this country, and today Derrick Rose is an example of that.

Prior to tonight’s game against the league-best Golden State Warriors, Rose hit the floor with the rest of his Bulls teammates in noticeably different attire. The former MVP donned a black t-shirt with Eric Garner‘s last words, “I Can’t Breathe,” emblazoned across his chest in white letters. Rose has come under fire in recent weeks after his comments about his devotion to playing basketball possibly having limits due to his commitment to be healthy in the long run, and this is sure to bring about more controversy.


Still, kudos to Rose for making the effort to get his voice heard, even in as subtle a maneuver as this one.

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