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Reunited & it feels so good…

When The Disney Channel premiered their spin-off to the classic 90’s show, Boy Meets World, fans wondered how much of the old staple would turnover into the new generation. Girl Meets World is centered around Topanga and Cory Mathews‘ daughter, Riley and her best friend Maya as they explore middle school.
Though Girl Meets World has its own cast and storyline, the Christmas special held a special place of nostalgia in the hearts of older fans with a visit from Cory’s parents (both reoccurring) and the one and only Rider Strong aka Uncle Shawn.


In his debut on the just 6-month-old show, Shawn sneaks in the Mathews home surprising his old friend and meeting the new additions to family for the first time. Wont lie, watching this have me goosebumps.
“It’s like time travel,” Strong told the Hollywood Reporter back when they filmed the episode. “I get to go back to high school, but now I have a clue of what’s going on.”

With their rating skyrocketing, (the show premiered with 5.2 Million viewers) Girl Meets World just signed on for a second season. If this means more appearances from Strong, the ratings can only get better.