Jay Electronica sets the media straight.

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Roc Nation rapper Jay Electronica has always been rather outspoken, this is all the more evident when it comes to his usage of Twitter. In the past, Electronica has gone on to share his opinion on a multitude of topics within and outside of the realm of music. Often times his views are met with quite a bit of resistance, which leads to him deleting his tweets and staying idle from the social network altogether. Every now and then he disregards political correctness and voices his unfiltered opinion. Now one is one of those times.


In the wake of the death of Ferguson, MO teenager Michael Brown and Staten Island’s Eric Garner at the hands of the police, as well as the grand jury’s of both precincts opting not to indict either officer involved, the nation has been experiencing a period of heavy civil unrest. Protests have been occurring throughout several major cities and small towns. In response to the uproar, some in the mainstream media, as well as social media, have argued why there isn’t any similar outrage during black on black crimes. Jay Electronica took to his Twitter account and gave all those championing that argument a piece of his mind.