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Following up on Let’s Start Over released just in February, rising emcee Franc Grams is proving why he deserves the buzz currently surrounding his name with The Premonition album

Ready to prove himself Grams explains, “I’m here and here to stay. Over 40 releases this year and two albums. My work ethic can’t be in question…neither can quality.”

In this “140 characters” segment the CT emcee invites us into The Premonition while keeping his answers as simple as a tweet.

How have to you improved since “Let’s Start Over”?
That was such a personal album where I just wanted to express myself, this project really shows my ability to make RECORDS majorly improved.


In our last interview you described “Let’s Start Over” as you “leaving it all on the court, by any means”, how would you describe The Premonition?
This was the sequel to that really. I know I have to pay my dues/show & prove, cool. Add this to my resume, I showcased more of my abilities

How did you manage to get Game on “Power of the Dollar”? He doesn’t do features often.
I remixed his “Bigger Than Me” record, then sent it to him & his team. They respected what I did I guess, they reached back out showing love.

On “For The Kill 2” you had to get some things off your chest! What did you learn about your run in with Joe Budden?
These people don’t owe me anything, they ain’t my homies. It’s back to work, that ain’t make or break anything here, it just fueled the fire

What song means the most to you?
‘For The Kill 2’ at the moment. It’s just a great representation of how I currently feel about life & music.

What’s the next step for Franc Grams?
Things that I couldn’t foresee happening at this point are realities, the stars are aligning. Just keeping consistent & enjoying the process.