You wanna be on top? Better have an impeccable work history.
According to The Associated Press, former America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) contestant, Angelea Preston, is suing the show’s executive producer Tyra Banks and the CW Network for breach of contract after she was disqualified for being a former escort.

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ANTM fans will remember Angelea Preston from cycles 12, 14 and 17. In cycle 17 Preston finally competed in the coveted top three, but was removed unceremoniously for “something learned about her prior to the show” before the final cut. Although the CW network chose not to announce on air their reason for cutting the contestant from the competition, Preston’s suit claims that it was her previous work as an escort that unfairly got her the boot. According to Preston, her work as an escort didn’t violate the competitions rule’s since it was pre-ANTM. The model-in-training was selected as the winner, however after learning about her escort work, Preston was disqualified and  the finale was re-shot with a new winner. The disqualification lost Preston a Vogue Italia shoot and a $100,000 dollar contract with CoverGirl cosmetics.

Preston is suing for 3 million dollars in damages citing breach of contract, failure to provide breaks to contestants, and emotional distress.



Check out Preston’s disqualification aired on AMNT below.


-Alexandria Tribble (@Y_iOuwta)