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Mayweather appears determined to make it happen

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao is a fight that’s been in the conception stages for years. Mayweather claims Pacquiao is ducking him, Pacquiao has continuously denied those allegations, but in the meantime has watched his stock fall after losses to Juan Marquez and Timothy Bradley. All things considered however, Mayweather putting his ridiculous undefeated record on the line to fight the second most high-profile boxer in the business, on a stage as big as Showtime PPV at Cowboys Stadium–which is the venue that has been reportedly proposed–would make for a historic bout, and some sports analysts are already billing it as the biggest fight of all-time.


Yesterday, Mayweather talked to Showtime Boxing for a brief but informative interview, in which be blamed boxing promotor Bob Arum for hindering the process of getting he and Pacman in the ring. Mayweather pointed in detail to the aforementioned losses Pacquiao has taken, alluding to the fact that not only should Pacquiao want to get into the ring with him, he sort of needs to. Before the interview was over, Mayweather let loose with this quote, sending chills down the spines of boxing fans worldwide. As if he knows something we don’t.

Let’s make it happen. May 2nd. Mayweather versus Pacquiao. Let’s do it.

Wow. All eyes on Spring 2015 now.