Tribeca Film Institute hosted the US premiere of “Power of Words” – an event and screening that paid tribute to Nelson Mandela at Neuehouse.

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In the wake of its international premiere in Cape Town, South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Tribeca Film Institute partnered for the U.S. premiere of the “Power of Words” project. The premiere, hosted by Montblanc, spotlighted five extraordinary short films by international filmmakers that celebrate the words and philosophy of Nelson Mandela in commemorating the first anniversary of his passing. Directors commissioned to bring the words of Mandela to life over the last six months are Mira Nair, Ramin Bahrani, Eva Weberand James Marsh, Hank Willis Thomas, Zippy Kimundu and Nabil Elderkin.

The first story followed an African man who shared his story of how he grew up in Uganda and how he helps others now. The next story was about a Chinese man who is about to die. He is a man of very few words and he is very accepting of his time on Earth coming to an end. The third story is a “Truth” story. “Truth” booths were placed in Ireland, Afghanistan, and the United States. Each person would come into the booth and say “Truth is…” and give their truth. The fourth story was my favorite , it followed an elderly man in Kentucky who worked on a farm. Helping others brought him joy. He did so much for his community. The last story was about a Jamaican man who was being released from jail. He then prepares himself for a journey to Africa along with other men. The event as a whole was very inspirational. It was such a powerful and uplifting evening.


Chrissy Teigen, Tribeca Film’s Jane Rosenthal and Africa Rising Foundation Co-Founder Kweku Mandela were in attendance. “As a Maison rooted in the culture of writing, we are delighted to see the extraordinary words of one of modern history’s most inspiring figures interpreted in film,” explains Mr. Jérôme Lambert, Montblanc International CEO. “We share Nelson Mandela’s belief in the importance of meaningful words and education. His unique vision for democracy, peace, social equality and learning lives on through the power of his words, and we hope that through each of these films, others will continue to be inspired by his legacy.”

Rian Castille contributed reporting.