The Kanye Keef collab has arrived

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Tomorrow, Chief Keef will release his new album, Nobody, via iTunes, and though it isn’t quite his proper sophomore album, it’ll be his first official LP since his debut album, Finally Rich. Since then, Keef has been dropped from Interscope Records, but he’s made and released music at an alarming pace. His last project, Back From The Dead 2, was released on Halloween. This new single, featuring Kanye West–this marks the second time Keef and Ye have hooked up, Keef sang the hook on Yeezus‘ “Hold My Liquor”–features Kanye singing background vocals as Keef raps about how he “can’t see nobody” on one of the more emotionally driven cuts we’ve heard from the Chicago rapper in recent history. Those looking for Kanye to rap may be a little disappointed–ok, maybe a lot. He says the same thing over and over on the hook.