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Geno Smith smartly walks away from an angry Titan

Yesterday’s Jets vs Titans matchup featured two 2-11 teams that would likely see better results from losing the game and inching closer towards the #1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft than winning an otherwise meaningless game, but of course, it’s at this time the Jets decide to play winning football. An unspectacular final score found the Jets squeezing past the Titans by 5, but the game’s biggest highlight came in between snaps. After Eric Decker completed–or, he thought he did–a Geno Smith pass for an 81-year touchdown, Geno Smith and Titans defensive end Jurell Casey exhcnaged words, and thought the situation appeared to be quelled immediatley, Casey walked closer to Smith, jawed with him briefly, then promptly punched him in the face mask, sparking a brawl that quickly engulfed all the remaining players on the field–a lot of players from both sides had already retreated to the sideline, thinking Decker had scored. Decker’s TD catch would soon be reversed–and eventually cleared some sideline benches. Even the quiet-as-kept Nick Mangold ran onto the field throwing guys left and right without a helmet.