Bonafied NYC and Im In The Office release their Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

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If you have an Instagram account and you haven’t seen one of The Loopy Blogger’s (@IMINTHEOFFICE_NYC) videos, you’re out of the loop.  The Bronx-bred comedian started posting his humorous videos online back in 2012 after a traumatic car accident; within months, his brash hood-life satire and over-the-top character impersonations started to go viral.  Since then, he’s caught the attention of several prominent figures in hip-hop, including Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, FunkFlexMaster, Marlon Wayans, and the Cleveland Cavalier’s Kyrie Irving.  Now, he’s using his celebrity to promote the newly-released fall line of  a unique clothing brand–one he and his partners hope will attract business and popularity to the economically struggling North Bronx.

His childhood friends Frank Dubb and Anthony Severino, are co-owners of BonafiedNYC (@bonafiednyc), a grassroots movement and lifestyle brand inspired by New York City’s unique street culture.  As the its name suggests, the label is designed to represent authentic individuals performing at the highest level in their field; it is a tribute to the heritage of true New Yorkers, giving ode to the resilience of  the city’s working class.


Through the Im In The Office and Bonafied brands, The Loopy Blogger and his partners promote a “Living Life Loyal” motto which mandates a commitment to bettering the community that raised them–a value they believe has been noticeably absent in the urban clothing market.

“We don’t want to be mistaken.  We’re from the Bronx!  There’s a lot of people from [the Bronx] that’s out there doing great things but no one ever represents us or comes back here.  We’re going to change that.  Our flagship store will be in the Bronx.  If you want our merchandise, you’ll have to come here,”  said Dubb (@Bonafied_Dubb).

The box logo Bonafied hoodie has grown to become an uptown street wear staple; Mack Wilds and Breakfast Club hosts Angela Yee and Charlemagne Tha God are among notable figures who have been spotted wearing it around the city.  Thanks to growing exposure, demand for the BonafiedNYC brand had the fall collection sold out within a matter of days.

Below are thumbnails from their releases through the past few years, so you can peep their movement. Click here to see their site.


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