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Victoria, Texas was the site of police brutality against an elderly man on Thursday, December 11, 2014.

Despite recent public uproar and protests over police brutality, daily cases of misconduct on the part of law enforcement seems to keep surfacing.  On Thursday, December 11, 2014, the unthinkable happened to a 76-year old man in Victoria, Texas.


Mr. Pete Vasquez works for a car dealership in Victoria and was returning a vehicle to the lot when 23-year old Officer Nathaniel Robinson pulled into the lot and confronted Vasquez after he had already parked and exited the car.  The officer wanted to write Vasquez a citation for driving a vehicle without an inspection sticker.  Vasquez explained that because the vehicle had dealer’s plates, it was exempt from undergoing inspection.  Instead of contacting the dealership owner, Officer Robinson demanded the vehicle registration certificate from Vasquez.  When Vasquez pulled away, a full on assault ensued.

The police dash-cam video below shows Robinson twisting the elderly man’s arm and slamming him to the ground, putting the two out of sight of the video camera but shortly afterwards, more officers appeared on the scene.  One officer can be heard questioning Vasquez as to his well being and he responded that Robinson nearly hit his head on a pole and tasered him.

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