Hold up, wait a minute, let me cross the border with it. 

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Earlier today, President Obama announced a new, looser policy regarding The United States‘ relations with Cuba. Among the many changes enacted include the ability to now bring back $400 worth of goods from Cuba, “of which no more than $100 can consist of tobacco products and alcohol combined.” Or, in more simpler terms, a few Cuban cigars are now legal to bring home.

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 Cuban cigars are widely considered to be the world’s best. Mitchell Orchant, managing director of C.Gars Ltd., said, “The unique combination of  ‘sun, soil and skill’ indeed define the Cuban cigar as the finest made anywhere in the world.”

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This marks the first time Cuban cigars are legal since John F. Kennedy banned the import of them in 1962. Although Cuban cigars still won’t be available in American stores, bringing them home will be much less of a hassle for travelers.

Matt @RRprez