Feds will announce tomorrow that North Korea is behind hacks

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The Sony hacks, operating under the “Guardians Of Peace” guise, that have revealed secret e-mails sent between Sony executives, plans for everything from a Kanye West film to a Destiny’s Child biopic, were reportedly ordered by North Korean leadership. Tomorrow morning, U.S. investigators are expected to announce that they are officially identifying hackers working for the Pyongyang regime as the people behind the leaks.

Earlier today, Sony Pictures officially cancelled the Christmas Day release of their blockbuster new film–featuring the dynamic duo of Seth Rogen and James FrancoThe Interview, due to hackers threatening to execute 9/11-style attacks on movie theaters showing the film. Considering the film is centered around an assassination attempt on a character portraying North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, it does make sense that the hackers were operating under orders from Jong-un’s regime.


So far, no word has surfaced on exactly how the U.S. was able to come to this conclusion, but North Korea experts are coming forward and saying that the country has spent resources on a unit called ‘Bureau 121,’ which specializes in carrying out cyber attacks.