Inspired by the motivation to preserve true hip hop culture and its artists, Curators of Hip Hop, or COHH, tours through the lives of five “dreamers” looking to make a mark in the hip hop world in their first documentary.  The accounts are coast-to-coast – illustrating the diverse perspective in music and varied voices in hip hop.

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At 1:01 – “Its important to let people know that there are other types of music out there, and you just have to find it. And that’s what we do. We find it.”

The Curators chronicles MC’s Ahmad Lewis, Matt Reeves, Prie, Dee-1 and Logic.  Through extremely hardworking conditions, viewers will witness the infancy-to-stardom of Def Jam recording artist, Logic.  Also, viewers will be privy to a behind-the-scenes view into what shaped the growth and success of Dee-1 to earn his place at RCA Records.


The comprehensive documentary from COHH follows the ascension of several artists from their humble indie beginnings, to current notoriety in their respective crowds and listener bases. The documentary, produced by Jermaine Fletcher, A’sia Horne-Smith and Jimmie Thomas is an all original project interwoven with poetic narration by Sheru (aka SK).

At 0:31 – “You have a certain feeling about things going on around you and you want to share this with people around you… this is what hip hop is to me.”

Through extensive and intriguing dialogue with these up-and-coming artists, as well as several established artists and everyday professionals, The Curators verifies that hip-hop isn’t dead, or even close to it, as some may suggest.  Four years in the making, The Curators confirms that Hip-Hop has now become larger than ever.

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– Chuniq  @LoveINpower