An Uber rider’s worst nightmare

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A Boston Uber driver, Alejandro Done, has been arrested and charged with rape, assault to rape and assault and battery after he picked up a female passenger in his Uber car, drove her to a secluded location, climbed in the backseat and assaulted her. According to a CBS report, Done’s car was not the car dispatched by the app to pick the woman up.

Done allegedly told the victim that she would have to pay in cash–which is somewhat ludicrous, considering that rides in Uber cars are charged directly to credit card accounts, and Uber execs are very adamant about there being no cash exchange, including tips–and after driving her to an ATM, drove off to a secluded location, and…


He allegedly struck her with his hands, strangled her, locked the car doors so that she could not escape and covered her mouth so she could not scream. During an ensuing physical struggle, the defendant allegedly sexually assaulted the woman.

According to Uber, Done passed a background check before he started driving for them.