On a Thursday

Chances are, your internet timeline, be it Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, is lighting up with talk about Amber Rose‘s twerking exhibition on the “Loyal” singer, so here are a few video clips. Rose and Brown are both newly single–Wiz and Amber’s divorce was national news, Brown split from longtime on-and-off girlfriend Karrueche Tran in a highly publicized social media spat–so there are no juicy adultery or cheating implications here, but should they find themselves in the same venue in the near future, tabloids are more than likely going to have pictures of them on the cover with headlines like ‘HOT NEW ROMANCE’ attached. Still, it’s worth noting that Rose, who danced to several songs–as seen below–with Breezy, twerked so well on Chris that he pretty much just stopped moving, and admired her talent.