This edition of Hood Health 101 deals with the power of perspective!

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Perspective by definition is a point of view. Our perspectives are shaped by our upbringing, experiences, social norms, and acquired knowledge. With that being said, how we define ourselves, our station in life and general viewpoint is based on how we perceive the world around us and how we relate to and with it. Ultimately, your perspective of your reality attracts things that resonate on the same frequency, thereby aiding in the creation that particular reality.


Now that the foundation is laid, I can simply say that your perspective of situations and circumstances matter and have more credence than you give it credit for. Let’s say that you have a situation happen that you determine is negative. The more that you stew in that situation with a negative perspective, the more that you attract negative energy to that situation. This does not mean that you should act like negatively viewed situations are positive. It means that you shoold look at situations, take responsibility for your role in its creation, logically process your emotions without stewing in them, create a plan of action for the situation, actively work that plan, and focus on things that keep your energy vibrating high or positively.

When actions like what is noted above are made, you acknowledge the negative situation, work toward resolving it, but purposefully choose to focus on the more positive things within your life with gratitude. We all have a story beloveds and each of us probably feel as though our story is more dire than the next persons. Though I am not sure where the notion or proving that having the worst situation became a badge of honor or some I told you so moment. And please, don’t buy into the bull of that idea beloveds. All of our experiences are tools that should be used to further our station in life and teach others with the lessons that you have learned.

Your perspective can change the energy of a situation and potentially the outcome of that very situation as well. So keep in mind how important your perspective is within each situation.  It matters! Try shifting your mindset for 2 weeks and feel free to let me know how things change within your life or your circumstances. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @NakeashaJ and on Instagram @Melanated_Beauty.


-Nakeasha Johnson (Nakeasha)