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Joyrich Los Angeles and WildStyle hosted a party for a major collaboration line with legendary designer Karl Kani.

Karl Kani was the go to line for the hip hop community in the 90’s. Designer Carl Williams has reinvented the brand and line for an exciting new collaboration with L.A. / Japan based fashion brand Joyrich. The new line successfully brings together the nostalgia of the past with a fresh new spin on the future. Performances included the eccentric rap group Overdoz and the ever popular DJ Mustard.

So you’ve been integrated with Hip Hop culture for 25 years, what about that translates to the new line?


Karl: The new line is sick, we just take the heritage of how we started a revamped it for the young generation. After 25 years of history you know we got a lot of information. We’re trying to spread this information internationally with our new collection.

Karl Kani

Having Joyrich as a distribution facility, what does that do for your brand as far as getting it out to the different cultures of the world?

Karl: The alignment is a dual respect. Joyrich is on a high level, they respect history. I think the most important is that they respect the history of the originator. Together we can create history again, it’s all about relationships and they understand what we’re trying to do and they respect our quality and they know where Karla Kani is at, so conjunction is good for the both of us.

Going forward, how do you feel about the release of this new line?

Karl: I love it man we’re in a different zone right now. We feel real energetic about our history and just building such a heritage. You know so many epic models and hip hop artist have worn my clothing. We want to bring this to the forefront now. Street fashion isn’t going anywhere, but we got to keep it energized and keep it focused, so with Karl Kani being successful, we’re going to continue to open up the doors for young designers and young artist out there doing their thing. Because it’s all about us united as a generation to bring an impact on this industry.

So that’s part of the initiative – getting the young generation involved with fashion, showing them how to do it?

Karl: Yeah because I feel like without the young generation, what do you have? You have to connect to the youth, that’s all Karl Kani is always about and that’s the way we started. Is connecting clothing and fashion together, so we feel like this is where it’s at right now for the next generation of fashion and hip hop.

-Darius Stone