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The interview heard around the internet

Many people have focused heavily on Q-Tip‘s “Hip-Hop history lesson,” which he doled out to Iggy Azalea using a heavy dosage of tweets, and T.I.‘s response–which has been largely mocked–to the veteran Hip-Hop artist and producer. However, it was this interview with the Hot 97 morning show crew–Ebro Darden, Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg–that set off this round of Iggy Azalea conversations, dissertations and assessments. In the above interview, which is a must-watch for anyone planning on weighing in on the Iggy Azalea vs the Hip-Hop Industry conversation, Banks weighs in on what her exact “beef” is with Iggy–hint: it has nothing to do with the fact that their rapping aliases share a name–and T.I.’s “coon” behavior, which include the portrayal of his wife, Tiny, on VH1. The clip has reached nearly 1 million views since it hit the internet late last week, and chances are, as this issue continues to be discussed and debated, it will amass many more views in the near future.


Q-Tip and T.I.’s exchange, in a nutshell, can be viewed here.

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