West Coast icon The Game, aka Jayceon Taylor, posted on Twitter Saturday using the #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter” hashtags to illustrate that violence is not the solution…in his own way

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The Game posted on Instagram and Twitter using the infamous Eric Garner cry “I Can’t Breath” as inspiration for his rants towards NYPD, stating:


I Guess Y’all “Can’t Breathe” either

The Tweet was followed up by him commenting on an Instagram picture from his @losangelesconfidential page showing NYPD officers wearing shirts that read “I Can Breathe” and holding NYPD sighs and protesting:


The comment in my last post was a DIRECT RESPONSE to the picture above: I didn’t say it was cool that 2 cops were murdered senselessly while sitting in their car. These weren’t the cop(s) that killed ERIC GARNER so it wasn’t necessary they die in that manner the same as it wasn’t AT ALL necessary ERIC GARNER die in the way he did. My comment also suggested that #AllLivesMatter & #ShitNeedsToChangeNow but you simple minded fucks skipped right over the real message to pull whatever negativity you could from my post… As expected…

The Game continues explaining his stance online, expressing how he feels whether anyone likes it or not. Artists such as The Game who speak with influence to the masses have all been participating in the “I Can’t Breathe” campaign, bearing the morbid slogan from the late Eric Garner during the last seconds of his life.

Eric Garner is a casualty of a war that’s been going on since America was founded; The War on Racism. Some may say it’s really “The War on Capitalism”. Whichever it is there have definitely been casualties on both sides. The Game has an opinion as much as anyone else, but he has the ability to get his view out to a much larger audience.

-Infinte Wiz (@InfinteWiz)