Tension, between uniformed officers and community members, continues to escalate towards menacing levels…

In this exclusive footage, obtained and released by TMZ , former “government investigator” Gary Fishell is heard singing a distasteful song, which taunts the late Michael Brown, at a charity golf event in Glendale, CA.

The song, his iteration of “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce, was sung at the enjoyment of current and retired police officers as he assumed “the room would get a kick out of it”.


The lyrics, heard in the video and transcribed by TMZ, are articulated below:


Michael Brown learned a lesson about a messin’
With a badass policeman

And he’s bad, bad Michael Brown
Baddest thug in the whole damn town
Badder than old King Kong
Meaner than a junkyard dog

Two men took to fightin’
And Michael punched in through the door
And Michael looked like some old Swiss cheese
His brain was splattered on the floor

And he’s dead, dead Michael Brown
Deadest man in the whole damn town
His whole life’s long gone
Deader than a roadkill dog

When questioned about the disturbing tune by TMZ, Fishell’s lawyer – Joe Myers – said the following:

“[He now realizes the song was] off color and in poor taste. He’s a goofball who writes funny songs… He thought the room would get a kick out of it.. […] This is America. We can say what we want. This is a free America… He’s done this as an annual event for decades and has raised a lot of money for charity.”

 A trustee for the Glendale Elks Lodge, the establishment where the event took place, wasn’t the least bit thrilled with the video content.

The trustee, unnamed by TMZ, had the following to say:

“It’s deplorable and inappropriate and the Lodge will take disciplinary action against [Fishell] and possibly the people who organized this event.. We don’t stand for any racist things like this.”


For reference, the original story published by TMZ on December 23rd can be found here.