Covert video recording products from Third Eye Watch Technology have been endorsed in a recent Vlad TV interview, by Hip Hop Icon Lord Jamar of rap group Brand Nubian’s

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With the recent shootings of unarmed citizens by police, and now shootings of police by citizens, Third Eye Watch is a tool that can be used to hold law enforcement accountable when acts of injustice occurs. In an interview with Lord Jamar stated:


“I have a son who is 22, and a daughter that is 15 and I’m 46. The bottom line is that we are all in the prime demographic where we could lose our lives to law enforcement. Black men make police nervous and it’s their fear of us that brings out the violence. And until they stop fearing the communities they work in, we need these types of products to survive and make change,” he said. “So for this holiday season, I encourage everyone to boycott the big chain stores and stop buying $100 sneakers, and X-Boxes and buy from this Black-owned business. It’s a small investment that enhances the safety of our families.”

The Virginia based company’s motto is “Providing Technology to Protect, Serve, and Prevent Racial Profiling While Equipping Police for Greater Accountability.” Advancements in technology over the last 20 years have made products like these affordable to the average household.

Founder Kenyatta Johnson says:

“Third Eye helps protects those who are more likely to be victims of racial profiling. We also exist to help police officers through the use of body cameras to be more accountable to the public.”

As the holidays approach during these trying times, gadgets that can assure justice and possibly save lives may be more suitable as gifts this year.

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-Infinite Wiz (@InfiniteWiz)