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Forget traveling to Yonkers, right?

Every day, something new happens. Theaters pull their plans to show The Interview. Sony gets spooked by terrorist threats from hackers. Sony pulls its plans to release The Interview on Christmas. President Obama gets all ‘we don’t negotiate with terrorists, Sony’ on Amy Pascal and company. A Sony attorney says ‘look, we’re still doing this thing’. Then it turns out Sony attorney wasn’t lying, Sony is still doing this thing. Obama gets all happy. Theaters quietly make plans to show the film tomorrow. It appears order’s been restored.


Then, Sony blows the roof off the joint, and says hey, its 2014. Let’s show the movie everywhere, by streaming it. So, you can now watch Seth Rogen and James Franco‘s highly-controversial, oft-talked about, presidentially-debated new film, The Interview, right here for a minimal fee of $6–half of what you’d pay if you travel to one of those far and wide mom-and-pop theaters that are showing the film on the big screen.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.