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(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) – The leading dispensary review site and Taylor Gang rapper Berner will launch the “Instagram of Marijuana” January 1, 2015 on Weedmaps and Berner’s new partnership will transform into the definitive social platform and identity for cannabis businesses, key figures, and enthusiasts.

In recent months, popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have begun deleting marijuana-related accounts reported by users for policy violations. Both social networks view cannabis as a “drug” and many marijuana businesses have lost valuable accounts and followers because of this crackdown.


The industry-leading marijuana technology company and influential industry figure believe both the average consumer and the connoisseur should feel comfortable sharing their love of cannabis without looking over their shoulders wondering when they will violate a random Facebook or Instagram Term of Service (ToS).

Berner, the progenitor of the famed Cookies marijuana strains, cited his own Instagram account’s deletion as the impetus for this new joint venture, “I was one of the accounts that got deleted. I was fortunate enough to get my account back but many other community members have not been so lucky. This community is special to me and we believe in this plant and now will unite and bring our people together.” Co-Founder and CEO Justin Hartfield stated,

“Berner is a perfect partner for us because he’s not just a rapper looking to profit off the industry — he is deeply passionate about marijuana legalization and someone that has known, loved and respected marijuana since long before there was even an ‘cannabis industry’. In addition to his role as Executive Director of, Berner will act as a brand ambassador for Weedmaps.”

The platform will look and function similarly to Pinterest or Instagram, in addition to a “Powered by” rating and review system for strains, shops and medical dispensaries. Dispensaries, brands, artists and consumers will be allowed to create profiles for free and post their favorite marijuana related content with no fear of censorship.

Berner talked about the prospective new office in San Francisco,

“In San Fransisco, great weed and great technology go hand in hand. I can’t think of a better city to put our roots in the ground.”

In addition to the site’s social aspect, the brand will continue to cover cannabis as a media outlet, expand into events, and start a documentary series. The launch of the new joint venture also means Weedmaps and Berner will be leasing office space in San Francisco, CA. Weedmaps and Berner are committed to the Bay Area, which is the historic home of many pioneering marijuana industry innovators, past and present.

Weedmaps CEO Justin Hartfield said,

“This is a natural evolution for into the definitive social hub, application, and experience for the cannabis community. Weedmaps has experienced the hardships of dealing with non-weed friendly social media entities, as our Facebook page was once deleted for over a month. Our goal with the new is to give our community an unfiltered portal for communication. will become one’s marijuana identity online.”


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