Need advice on how to invest your money? After all, you spent a lot on gifts and groceries for Christmas day tomorrow!
The world’s number one wealth management coach, JT Foxx will appear this week.
Dubbed “The Confidential Coach,” Dr. ZoeLena Shuster is the President & Founder of Katapult Enterprises and is also the go to confidant for celebrities in entertainment, sports, business, politics and religion.
Her weekly radio show that airs can be listened to via the app and provides real, raw and relevant information related to love, sex and relationships.
Dr. Zoe and Foxx do the same thing for a living: they both coach high profile individuals. So it should be an interesting meeting of the minds. The thread that also binds them so tightly is that they both have had tumultuous relationships with their families in the past; a theme which seems to be relatable by many successful entrepreneurs.

To add, JT Foxx has an impressive list of clients. He’s worked with Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Al Pacino, Howard Schultz, Steve Wozniak, Sylvester Stallone & countless other business icons.

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It should be a great interview with two powerhouses giving excellent advice!
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