Jenni Farley, better known as JWoww from MTV’s Jersey Shore and Snookie & JWoww, seeks to build her brand on her own terms. Looking to be known more than just a reality star, JWoww has been adding on to her portfolio. In addition to her tanning business as well as serving as an executive producer for the indie horror, Jersey Shore Massacre, JWoww was approached to feature in the indie film The Mint and the New Jersey native gladly accepted. But even though JWoww is use to being in front of the camera, this is her first prominent role as an actress in a scripted production and stated, “It’s beyond challenging, I get shy when the director yells action and I look like a deer in headlights. While I got a taste of it when I worked on One Life to Live and the Three Stooges movie, The Mint was probably the hardest for me because I took so much time off with my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter. Truthfully, my biggest problem is remembering my lines. LoL.” JWoww plays the role of Vicki, the on-and-off again girlfriend of J. Fontaine (Chris Cardillo) who recently inherited a record company.

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When JWoww stepped on set she forgot people would instantly recognize her, but ultimately everyone was receptive, especially of the fact she made sure her cast mates called her Jenni instead of JWoww. One of the cast mates happened to be Kristinia DeBarge, of the legendary musical DeBarge family. DeBarge is the female lead who’s character gets “lost in the shuffle” with her record label. While Kristinia has a few feature films under her belt, it will be interesting to see how JWoww will do as she transitions into the next phase in her career but complications aside, JWoww plans to be involved in future scripted projects saying, “As long as it stays true to me. I won’t be any Shakespeare anytime soon, LoL. But I can play a bitch all day!”



The Mint is about a talented music producer/executive that must set his priorities straight and regain his love for music if he ever wants to be truly successful in the music industry. It is currently in post-production.