We’re a little bit confused. Then again, we aren’t

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Frank Ocean has, for all intents and purposes, gone missing since the release of his Grammy Award-winning debut album channel ORANGE was released in 2012. He hasn’t released a new album, EP, mixtape, or random OVO-esque collection of songs to Soundcloud in over 2 years, and needless to say, fans are getting antsy. There have been reports that his sophomore album is nearly done, there was even that picture of him in the studio taken by the all-encompassing NABIL many months ago that floated around the internet, but we’ve got nothing to press play on to show for it.

Well, yet another picture of Frank in the studio has surfaced, this time by a pretty unexpected source. Lil B posted this picture to his Tumblr, indicating that he and Frank were cooking up some new sounds.


lil b frank


While some may think that Frank need not dabble in the perceived depths of insanity that bring about Lil B music, let us not forget the crew with which Frank Ocean launched his career: Odd Future. If this photo actually yields new music in the coming months, we’re in for a very odd future indeed.