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Way to go into the new year Jacob

As many of you sports fans know, Florida State and University of Florida’s rivalry is one of the most herald rivalries in college sports.  That being said, there is one thing that matters and it’s no matter the sport the games always come down to the last seconds. Last night, both men’s basketball teams were tied with three seconds left in regulation when Devon Bookert was inbounded the ball and shot a fadeway jumper which was short (very short).


In a very bizarre and unreal moment, walk-on player and Florida Gator Jacob Kurtz managed to jump for the ball for the rebound but instead of grabbing the ball, he tips the ball in FSU’s basket and the Seminoles win 65-63. Ideally, this is not the way you’d want to start the new year.

So many jokes to start with, but im going to let it rock. Talk sports and why the Terps are going back to the NCAA tournament with Drew @Drewtheabstract .