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We can intertwine…


Young Money rapper Lil Twist has collaborated with Justin Bieber on his new song “Intertwine.”

The song is very soulful and slow– not the typical style of music you’ll hear coming from these two young men, but nonetheless, it works.

Lil Twist raps, while Justin sings out the hook, “What’s the use of being lonely when I’m offering my company…?”   Hmm.

You can listen to it above.

Furthermore, this song is definitely for the ladies and of course those who are trying to settle down with that one special person.

“Intertwine” is from Lil Twist forthcoming mixtape, The Golden Child 2.

Tell us what you think of Lil Twist and Justin Bieber’s new song “Intertwine”?


For a minute there I thought Lil’ Wayne was rapping instead of Lil’ Twist. Was it just me? Follow Sherley on twitter @sherleybee

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