Some “terrorist”..

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In an era in which privacy and hacking are a prominent issues, you’d have to figure social media wouldn’t be the best tool for a terrorist. Alleged ISIS rebel, Mark Taylor aka Abu Abdul-Rahman’s recent snafu is an example of why terrorist should probably leave the tweeting to celebrities, teenagers and well.. non-terrorists.

45 of the native New Zealander’s tweets were apparently geotagged, inadvertently revealing his exact location at the time of the tweets. Security researcher, Jeff Wyers, of iBrado intelligence group they tweet to place him at a specific residence within the Syrian town of al-Taqbah, as well as tracing his moves throughout the country according to TIME. 


Taylor joined ISIS in May 2012, posting a picture of his burning New Zealand passport on Facebook to signify the finality of his decision. He’s since had trouble getting in contact with the New Zealand passport office to get a replacement, which is likely due to his affiliation with ISIS.

Twitter has since suspended Taylor’s account, @M_Taylor_Kiwi.


You can find Khari Clarke on Twitter (@KINGCLARKEIII),  no geotag.