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People need to let go all of their hate towards Idina

Tony winner Idina Menzel performed her hit song on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve 2015, and some fans noticed that Idina wasn’t able to hit all of the notes for the song.  “Let It Go” is basically the theme song to the hit Disney movie “Frozen” and has been played more times than people would like.  But there is no denying that this song is extremely catchy and fun to sing.  However, what people don’t realize and what Idina pointed out when defending her performance that so many people are criticizing, is that there are so many notes to hit in any song, and the fact that she missed a few is nothing to be upset over.  She hit many of the notes and connected with the crowd like you can see in the video above, and her performance was extremely memorable to say the least.  Instead of challenging her talent, just take into consideration how many times her hit song was played and how many people fell in love with her song.  Idina, hats off to you.



Vinesh Vora (@vineshv1206)