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Dance like nobody’s watching, Steve

Steve Ballmer is the fiery, ballsy former CEO of Microsoft and current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, but last night he was just a very exuberant fan in the front row. During last night’s game against the Lakers, which the Clippers won by 25, hometown favorite Fergie took to the court to perform her latest hit, “L.A.Love,” which also features and is produced by Los Angeles natives YG and DJ Mustard. While Fergie performed, some of the people surrounding Ballmer subtly showed their support for the Black Eyed Peas pop starlet, Ballmer decided to go all out. It appeared that he heard a song he liked and was reminded that he’s worth about 20 billion at the same time. That’s enough to make anybody go as berserk as ol’ Steve went last night.


No matter how insane his antics appear to the public eye, we’re pretty sure the Clippers organization will take crazy dancing Steve over his psychotic racist predecessor any day.