It’s a brotherly thing, y’know?

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A couple weeks ago, two of The Source‘s 2014 Men of the Year, DJ Mustard and YG, traded shots on Instagram that have since been deleted, but the images and threats sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Mustard and YG, who’s professional relationship produced the 2014 Album of the Year, My Krazy Life, and whose personal relationship has been lauded as being among the most organic non-industry friendships Hip-Hop has to offer, couldn’t really be at odds over something as “trivial” as failed label payments, could they? Apparently, Mustard had yet to be paid by Def Jam for his work on MKL, and YG rebutted with claims that Mustard never once compensated him for being the voice of his now ubiquitous “Mustard on the beat, h*e” DJ drop.

In an exclusive interview with MTV, DJ Mustard revealed that his quaff with YG was nothing more than a mis-communication between two friends, and they handled it like men.


I mean, we exchanged words, but we brothers. That’s what brothers do. And then we handled it like men. It helped me and YG in a lot of ways. Because we got, like, a big, big, big, big entourage, and you just got to see who would pick whose side, you know what I’m saying? And you would see who wouldn’t pick each other’s side. And you got calls from people — I got calls from people, he got calls from people — that were saying, ‘Yo, I’m riding with you,’ or ‘I ride with you.’ At the end of the day, why are you riding with either one of us? We brothers. We supposed to fight and get it over with it…So it just helped us cut the snakes out the grass, and move into 2015 in a good way.

Mustard also made it clear that his “beef” wasn’t with YG, it was with Def Jam, and he was eventually paid for his work on MKL.

It wasn’t a shot at YG; it was a shot at Def Jam. But, at the same time, it was a miscommunication, because it was already all done with.

To read more about the complex friendship that these two have with each other, and the third musketeer Ty Dolla $ign, grab a copy of The Source‘s 2014 Men of the Year issue on newsstands now, or digitally here.