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Detroit artist and talent Sino from the COIN Handlers LLC family recently shared with the world, “Talk To You” his latest single which entails a spiritually inspired conversation for conflicted souls enduring the everyday struggle across America.

The year 2014 has seen many infuriating injustices among black men affecting millions of people of color, families and friends, leaving an indecorous aftertaste on the spirit and minds of millennials around the world. Since all millennials have parents too young to remember the Civil Rights movement of the late 1960s and are far removed from civil rights history affecting their everyday lives, many are seeking support, whether spiritually or mentally to battle negative mainstream news and racial targeting.


This track was inspired by the tragic social-political events taking place in America and was created to celebrate the memory of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell and young black males all across America who have died unjustly. For many, these injustices ask youth to wonder why, to feel pain, oppression or despair. Vocalist Lawrence Jacob vulnerably repeats in the hook, “I just wanna talk to you/I know you hear me when I talk to you.”

Look out for Sino on the Loose Change vol.2 project available on hardcopy on January 21 and online at on January 22. His solo project, #SlappinTheMixtape hosted by DJ BJ 3525 will be released first quarter 2015.

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