It’s always nice to step out, feel excellent and look amazing. Spending loads of money on attire may be crazy to some, so this time around we took time to find the perfect accessory to rock with any outfit. When it comes to fashion we find ourselves pulling a lot of styles from the mid-80s and even a mixture from Ancient Egypt. What a mixture you may be saying to yourself, but jewelry brand, Veritas takes a snap on Queen Nefertiti for an exquisite necklace.

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If you’re from New York City, we’re sure you’ve seen something like this, you know the spot we’re you can get your nameplate too? Yes, that but with different chain choices the Veritas Queen Nefertiti piece is sure to stand out.  It retails for $145 USD and you can cop it here.


Tatiana’s on Twitter (@TatianaToT) & she’s ready for Coachella already.