American franchise McDonald’s has come under fire in Japan for food contamination after customers have found hunks of metal, plastic, and even teeth in their food.  

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It seems the fast-food chain McDonald’s needs to go over its food safety precautions with a fine-tooth comb, as several customers have reportedly found foreign objects–including teeth, yuck!–in their food as of late.

On Wednesday, McDonald’s confirmed that a human tooth was found in a batch of fries sold in Osaka, Japan.  They concluded that the tooth had not been cooked with the fries (the customer says differently), and they have no explanation for how it had gotten into the food.


For their part, McDonald’s alleges there were no employees missing a tooth at that particular branch, and they believed there was a very low possibility of contamination at the US factory that had shipped the potatoes.

In television footage that aired earlier this morning, another woman stated that she found three pieces of “what looked like teeth” in her burger that she bought at a McDonald’s in northern Kushiro city back  in September.  A third party identified these fragments as “dental material,” aka the stuff that dentists use to fill cavities.

Besides these two disgusting issues, someone else in Japan recently found a one-and-a-half-inch-long vinyl strip in a McNugget and another hunk of plastic was recently recovered from a sundae.  There was even a piece of metal found in a pancake.

The fast-food giant has suffered marked profit losses ever since it was discovered that a Chinese supplier was found to be mixing out-of-date meat with fresh produce this past summer; these latest culinary cautionary tales surely won’t help the company’s worsening reputation.

Moral of the story:  You probably shouldn’t eat at McDonald’s in Japan.  Or anywhere, because gross.