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Don’t try this at home kids. Or try it, your call

Childish Gambino has been on fire since the release of his critically-acclaimed sophomore album, Because The Internet, for which he’s nominated for 2 Grammy Awards (Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song), and 2015 could be the year the former Community actor becomes a full-blown rap star. His latest mixtape, STN MTN/Kauai, has spurned many well received records, one of them being “Sober.”


The video for “Sober” takes place in a restaurant, and as a girl waits for her food to be ready, Gambino notices her, sings to her, sort of bothers her, courts her, and then full-on entertains her with an impromptu dance routine all in the same breath. There’s no shortage of entertainment to be seen here, and Gambino’s on a pretty incredible run of dope music videos. Let’s not forget that time he transformed into an ungodly creature after spending a day with Jhene Aiko.