Welcome to 2015!

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Last week, we said goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015. Sometimes we make resolutions and don’t stick to them. Nevertheless, it is important that we strive to better ourselves and our lives.

Here are a few areas you should focus on that will help you be a better you in 2015.


1. SpirituallyIt is always important to maintain a relationship with GOD because you want to have a fresh start and leave the past behind. The two ways to be connected to GOD are through prayer and meditation.

2. CareerLadies, let’s face it, we want to stack our money and become the next Karen Civil. There is always room for improvement and these days women are the new leaders of the free world.

3. HealthIt is always important to keep up with your health. Of course, we all want our bodies to look good and in order to maintain it, here are the three things to do: avoid junk food at all costs, exercise for one hour, and always go to the doctor.

4. Love– This is one tip that applies to both men and women. It is important to love yourself.

5. Fashion– Our last tip is mostly about having confidence in whatever you wear. Fashion defines our personality whether we love to dress up or not. In 2015, we celebrate the rise of plus size designers and more hip hop influences. As we gear up for Fashion Week, this is the perfect time to experiment with fashion.

I hope that you accomplish your goals in 2015!

Matia (@ms_hip_hop) is happy that 2015 is finally here and has left 2014 in the past.