KG doesn’t quit

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Last night, the Houston Rockets took to Brooklyn to face the Nets, and though the Rockets came away with the 14-point victory, it was Kevin Garnett that stole the show.

About midway through the first quarter, after a referee whistled the ball dead, Dwight Howard turned around and tapped Kevin Garnett on the chest, which didn’t sit well with Garnett. KG then tried to grab Howard’s arm, and when that didn’t work, he laid down a clean headbutt right in Howard’s face, as shown above and below.


Naturally, this incited reactions from players on both sides, not to mention the referees, and Rockets forward Trevor Ariza eventually got in between Garnett and Howard to help quell the situation until everyone on both sides calmed down. Garnett was tossed from the game and Dwight was hit with a technical for his physical retaliation. Garnett being missing from the game didn’t appear to have that much of an adverse effect on the Nets’ defensive mechanisms against Dwight Howard–he finished with a mere 8 points and 5 rebounds–but somebody should’ve told a Net to guard James Harden. 30 points, 6 assists, and only 4 missed shots.

Somehow, after nearly 20 years in the NBA, Garnett is still getting under the skin of his opponents.